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ChatGPT-4 Quick Reference

🚀 Exciting insights from my deep-dive conversation with ChatGPT-4, the latest language model from OpenAI. As an AI enthusiast, I've been exploring this conversational marvel and found out some impressive ways it can assist us. Here are a few highlights:

🎯 ChatGPT-4 can operate in various roles: A tutor, content creator, brainstorming partner, translator, ...

⚙️ It offers a range of writing tones and formats. From formal to informal, explanatory to narrative, ...

🌡️ You can guide its output by adjusting parameters like "Temperature" of the output (i.e. more random vs more focused) and "Max Tokens" (i.e. length of the response). While these two settings are only directly available in the API, you can also indirectly guide the model's responses based on how you phrase your prompts in the chat.

But remember, it's not just about tech specs! Here's what I've learned to get the most from our AI-powered future:

1️⃣ Be specific in your prompts

2️⃣ Experiment with different ways of asking

3️⃣ Use an iterative refinement approach

4️⃣ Understand its limitations

Engaging with AI is a learning process, so don't shy away from exploring. And remember, while GPT-4 is powerful, it's designed to augment human capabilities - not replace them. The magic happens when we merge AI's strengths with our own creativity and insight.

Below your free copy of the Quick Reference. No registration required but do join our newsletter if you find our content to add value. There is much more to explore!

Startup Lobby - ChatGPT Quick Reference
Download PDF • 242KB


Michael, Startup Lobby

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