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Tailored for business professionals and
decision makers

... aiming to build a long-term and impactful network, discover new market trends and expand their business opportunities


What's on the Agenda?

At Business Lobby, our participants and their goals, key topics, ideas, challenges and experiences set the agenda.


Just contact Jennifer via WhatsApp - simply click on the chat icon.

What's in Store for You

Attending your first Business Lobby session allows you to gain a first-hand understanding and start building your network. In later sessions, you'll have the opportunity to strengthen these connections and create new ones. Focusing on your unique needs and interests, we ensure to connect you with participants who are most relevant to you, even beyond our sessions.

This format is intensive and centered on quality, which is why we typically limit the number of participants to around 20.

Pay as you go

At Business Lobby, you only pay for the sessions you attend – there's no annual membership. Consistent with our approach, our emphasis is on quality rather than quantity: It's important to us that you carefully select your sessions, ensuring you can devote your full attention to each one.

Learn more about the Deep Networking format


  • First-Time Visitors

  • Regular Price (includes free admission for an accompanying first-time visitor)

  • Frequent Networker (includes free admission for an accompanying first-time visitor)

Ticket prices vary depending on the venue and will be displayed at the time of booking.

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