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Startup Lobby-Logo, wobei 'Startup' in dunklen, fetten Buchstaben und 'Lobby' in geschwungenen, hellblauen Farben dargestellt

Why you should
be part of it

A hub for entrepreneurs and innovators to share ideas, build synergies and grow collectively.

Begeisterte junge Unternehmerin präsentiert ihre innovative Idee bei einer Startup Lobby Session. Es wird deutlich, dass diese Session eine ideale Möglichkeit für Pitch-Training, die Validierung von Ideen, das Einholen von Feedback und Netzwerken bietet


At Startup Lobby, our emphasis is on the attendees: their ideas, objectives and challenges set the agenda.

Was Dich erwartet

  • Establishing new connections and cultivating lasting relationships. Breaking the ice is often easiest by engaging in topics of mutual interest.

  • An opportunity to pitch: Presenting your idea or MVP can ignite the audience's curiosity and fuel engaging discussions.

  • Receiving feedback. After your pitch, you'll have the opportunity to receive feedback. These responses provide a chance to gain valuable insights, validate your ideas and further develop them.


Just contact Jennifer via WhatsApp - simply click on the chat icon.

Pay as you go

At Startup Lobby, you only pay for the sessions you attend – there's no annual membership fee.

Learn more about the Deep Networking format

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